Creative, Developer, Designer
Hand Draw, PSD, Wordpress, Woocommerce


This is a both a redesign and a big improvement of an existing project. Before it was just a website and now it’s an e-commerce! With the help of Woocommerce now khikhi can sell her stuffs on net direclty trow her website. I’ve add few mods on theme to adapt some functionalities to specific requests, as example if the product is customizable with little animals a gallery of them is show on page.

The UI is very simple and colorful in accordance to the new logo . But the very special feature of this site is shown on background: I designed all the illustration on paper then scanned to have a trace to follow on illustrator. Finally I’ve create a digital composition to fit the background of the site. Not an easy job but I’m quite satisfied. I used the same illustration in the business card.