Pinimal Theme Nivo Lightbox jQuery Plugin


27 March 2014 Author

In this last days looking for a nice lightbox plugin I’ve found Nivo Lightbox jQuery Plugin from dev7studio. I’ve already tested Nivo jquery slider one of the best an nicer jQuery slider of the whole market, so I decided to try it immediately. It is well done and I like it, but is pretty new and there is just one default theme, and it didn’t fit to my project. So I made a new one and I call it Pinimal.

I what to share it with you for free, to see it and dowload it here you can find the demo.

Is pretty easy to use it, you just follow Nivo Lightbox docs to install the plugin you add the pinimal folder as is to the theme folder and you set pinimal as theme name on options. That’s it!


        theme: 'pinimal' 




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