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profiloWeb Developer, UI Designer, Frontend Web Developer, Graphic Designer. That’s what I do for live, and this is my personal website and portfolio. Here you can found details about me and my work. I’m addicted to code, I like it clean, simple, short and smart. I like colors and graphics, icons, to create something new, from scratch to final result. I have a new idea per day and I can’t stay without a new challenging project. Hey, time by time I like rest too!



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My Blog

The blog is made with the purpose of collecting my snippets of code for my further works with wordpress, PHP, Css, jQuery and others web tools and share it with everybody. Sometimes I write it in english sometimes when the time is short or when the topic is new only in Italy, in italian, ’cause this blog is mainly made to keep all my snippets in an organized way and keep them safe.

Together with those snippets you can find other topics that I’m interest in, as a showcase of my preferences/interests.When you write about coding it is not easy to find an Image that can communicate your  message and often quite unnecessary, so every post is published with an image of an animal in the nature. It is a subtle advise to all readers: we should all care more about the beauty of our planet.

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